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Lucky Bingo

Players say free app limits cash rewards the closer they get to the minimum balance required to cash out.

“Free bingo, win rewards,” the developer of Lucky Bingo, a free Android app, says in the game’s listing in the Google Play Store. But the rewards are elusive, especially the ones with dollar signs on them.

According to user reviews in the Google Play Store, the game limits cash rewards the closer players get to the minimum balance required to cash out. Writes one reviewer:

It was great to begin with, but now is just a joke. I’m $35 away from being able to withdraw money and now no matter how many bingo’s [sic] I get I’m lucky to get .08. I’ve had numerous rounds where I received .003. That’s not even a penny and the ads have increased. I’m starting to feel like it’s just a scam where you’ll never be able to withdraw money.

Adds another frustrated player:

The game itself is fun, but sooooo many ads, and you do not actually win any money. It is the same as all the other “win free money” games, you need to have a certain amount before you can cash out, and any cash “rewards” earned are given in 0.00001 of a cent. If you’re bored and like Bingo, then it is fun game, but if you are looking to make “big cash” instantly, it isn’t going to happen.

The game’s developer, Borg Studio, has responded to negative reviews in the Google Play Store, including the two above, by telling players that they “need to spend more time and patience to win.”

But the company may have an ulterior motive: to get players to watch more ads.

‘Contains Ads’

The Lucky Bingo listing notes that the app “contains ads.” This may be the understatement of the year. According to user reviews, you can’t play if you don’t watch the ads – and there are a lot of ads to watch. Says one reviewer:

I was sort of enjoying this game to begin with. I could handle a few ads. But now everytime you go to do something you have to watch 2 ads one after the other to get rewards.

Then, a lucky spin feature requires that players watch six videos to earn a variety of rewards. However, a reader who sat through all six videos said she received the same prize (additional bingo cards as opposed to cash rewards) six times. reached out to Borg Studio for comment. Check back for updates.

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