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PlayStation 4 Not the Only Game in Town

Reader says commercial falsely advertises Grand Theft Auto Five as a game exclusive to PS4.

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PlayStation 4 Not the Only Game in Town

Grand Theft Auto Five is available on multiple platforms. You can grab a controller and gear up for blood and gore on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and, come January, your PC.

But the common gamer wouldn’t know that based on the above commercial, which a reader recently alerted us to, writing in an email that he saw it during a recent Sunday night NFL telecast.

GTA screenshot
A screenshot from the commercial.

The reader said Rockstar Games falsely advertises in the commercial Grand Theft Auto Five as exclusive to PlayStation, when in reality Xbox loyalists can also buy the game for their favored console.

The commercial begins and ends with a nod to PlayStation 4 — the final seconds promote the console as “the best place to play” — and makes no suggestion that the game can also be played on Xbox One.

“They only acknowledge the PS4 version with no mention of the game as being on Xbox One or coming soon to PC,” the reader said. “Not even a fine print message saying so.”

Consumers shopping for gamers this holiday season should do their research. Find out what games are offered on what consoles to sniff out the best deal. And don’t fully rely on advertising.

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