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No VOC Claims

Three mattress companies have settled with the FTC over claims that their mattresses do not contain volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. VOCs are emitted gases that may be harmful to health in high levels. According to the FTC’s press release:

The companies involved – Relief-Mart, Inc., Essentia Natural Memory Foam Company, Inc., Ecobaby Organics, Inc. – are all alleged to have advertised their mattress as free from VOCs and similar claims absent the requisite level of substantiation. The FTC’s complaint against Ecobaby further alleges that the company made unsubstantiated third-party certification claims. Specifically, Ecobaby allegedly displayed the seal of the National Association of Organic Mattress Industry (“NAOMI”) to indicate that the product met the organization’s quality and manufacturing standards. In fact, the FTC alleges, NAOMI is not an independent, third-party organization but is an alter ego of Ecobaby.

The companies have agreed to avoid making similar claims in the future, unless they have competent and reliable scientific evidence that they are true. See our article on VOCs in paint for more information about VOC-containing products.

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