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Hire Resolve Job Recruiters: This Site May Be Outdated

Recruiting agency says in its terms of use that it's not responsible for an outdated website. But should it be?

Ad Alert

Hire Resolve Job Recruiters: This Site May Be Outdated

Looking to continue your career in engineering? The Hire Resolve recruiting agency lists thousands of job openings on its website.

There’s only one problem: There’s no telling if they’re actually available or not.

A reader alerted us to an incident in which the reader applied for positions posted on the site — giving out personal information — only to be told that none of them were actually still available, and that one job posting had been filled as far back as 2011.

The reader said they spoke to a trio of recruiters who seemed to have no knowledge of the listings.

So we did some digging and it turns out Hire Resolve has an interesting disclaimer in its terms of use:

The information provided is purely for information purposes and Hire Resolve neither warrants nor guarantees the accuracy or completeness of the information on the Hire Resolve website ( … The material on the Hire Resolve website content may be out of date at any time and Hire Resolve is under no obligation to update such material.

Out of the dozen or so job listings that checked out, zero indicated an original posting date. Then there’s this bit in every job description: “Should you not hear from us within three days, please consider your application unsuccessful.”

Knowing what we know now about potentially outdated job openings, though, it’s tough to say whose fault that could be.

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