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Competing allergy products Flonase and Zyrtec reach settlement over "no. 1" claims.

Spring allergy season: You may hate it but companies selling allergy relief products stand to profit off your misery. So suffice it to say, competition is fierce.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 6.40.24 PM

New to the over-the-counter game is Flonase, a nasal spray that claims in the TV commercial embedded above that it “outperforms the no. 1 allergy pill,” which it does not name. Old to the OTC game is Zyrtec, an allergy pill whose makers recently sued Flonase over the “no. 1” claim, arguing in a lawsuit filed on March 12 that Flonase does not outperform Zyrtec.

The lawsuit came to a conclusion — if you will — faster than a sneeze, with the two parties reaching a settlement earlier this week. And while the terms of the settlement are confidential, online advertising suggests that Zyrtec may be breathing a little more freely these days. Flonase now says on its website that it “outperforms a leading allergy pill,” with an asterisk affixed to fine print identifying that pill as Claritin, not Zyrtec.

All this good sportsmanship and it’s tough not to have watery eyes.

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