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This protein powder's bark may be worse than its bite. Here's the scoop on the advertised grams.

Here’s the scoop on the amount of protein Body Fortress currently advertises on the rim of its container — 60 grams. This may appear to blow away competing protein powders that advertise fewer grams on the front of their respective receptacles.

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But in fact 60 grams of protein is not what you get from one or two scoops of Body Fortress, but from three scoops of the powder.

“One of my pet peeves is false packaging and this one is a doozy,” a reader wrote in a recent email to “Note the cover where it says 60g of protein. … That leads one to think there is 60g of protein per serving.”

After receiving the reader’s email, dropped by a local CVS Pharmacy to check up on the packaging.

At the store, we were able to confirm that Body Fortress touts a tally of 60 grams of protein on its packaging. Only in the fine print below the words “PREMIUM PROTEIN” does it reveal “per 3 scoops.” further found that three competing brands — Muscle Milk, EAS and NoGii — all advertise a two-scoop amount on the front of their containers; 32 grams, 26 grams and 20 grams, respectively. Muscle Milk reveals that in small print on the front label but you have to read the nutrition facts on the back of containers for EAS and NoGii to find out that the amount is for two servings.

In other words, none of the four advertised a single scoop’s worth.

We also discovered by looking at each of the product’s nutrition facts that all scoops are not measured the same. For example, a scoop of NoGii is 22 grams while a single serving or scoop of Body Fortress is roughly 33 grams. (Also: Consumers should know that Body Fortress is one of several supplements to be accused of protein-spiking.)

The takeaway to all this fuzzy math? Check the nutrition facts on the back of the container before trusting any protein count on the front.

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