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Investment newsletter publisher needs to clip its wings.

“If you really want to make money, there’s no better system than the stock market,” Angel Publishing says on the website of one of its investment newsletters, Energy and Capital.

As an incentive for consumers to sign up for the free newsletter, Angel Publishing offers a free report with the names of three blue-chip stocks to “buy now” – before their prices double, the company says. Who can argue with free?

However, after entering their email address, consumers are encouraged to upgrade to a “premium publication” for “more exclusive investment ideas,” such as investing in a fuel that could net them gains as high as 46,000 percent. The cost of that subscription? $249 a year.

And that free report with the three stocks to “buy now”? It was written more than three years ago.

After subscribed to Energy and Capital, Angel Publishing sent the report as promised. And the most recent ending date of any of the stock charts included in the report is January 2019. In addition, the report talks about a “new initiative” by President Trump.

As you might imagine, timing is everything when it comes to the stock market. But the information in the report is outdated.

The report also ends with a “risk-free trial” offer of the author’s Bull and Bust Report, which normally costs $199 a year, though it appears the offer has expired.

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In its first email to Energy and Capital subscribers, Angel Publishing touts its investment newsletter as a “a giant crystal ball,” boasting:

We were the first to predict the oil price spike in the early 2000s and the coming fracking bull market that would save us from an all-out crisis… We were at the conception of the renewable energy market in solar and wind… We even called the electric vehicle revolution, getting into Tesla around the time of its IPO in 2010.

What does this mean for subscribers to Energy and Capital?

The reporting and ideas our editors will tell you about are consistently at least one fiscal quarter ahead of the mainstream media — and every wealthy investor knows the easiest profits are made by those who get in first. By the time the conventional media get to a story, our readers have already taken profits and moved on.

The introductory email informs consumers that the “profit opportunities” in the energy sector are “endless” and changes in the transportation industry specifically are “as profound as they are profitable.”

Nowhere in the email does Angel Publishing disclose the risks associated with its investment strategies or that there’s no guarantee you’ll make money in the stock market and you could lose your entire investment.

In addition, when marketing money-making opportunities, companies can only advertise typical results without violating the law. In October 2021, the FTC warned companies, including those offering investment advice:

Claims of “potential” earnings imply that such earnings are representative of what the typical participant achieves. Before making such a claim regarding potential earnings (e.g., via a testimonial of a well-paid member), the advertiser must possess adequate substantiation that the experience described is representative of what participants will generally achieve. If the claim is not representative, the advertisement must avoid giving that impression.

Disclosures regarding risk are also missing in the second email Angel Publishing sends Energy and Capital subscribers only a few hours later, which references subscribers’ “journey to financial freedom.”

But in a disclaimer tucked away in the privacy policy of the Energy and Capital website, which requires some digging to find, Angel Publishing states that:

The content on Energy & Capital is not personalized investment advice. Our employees strive to give smart, stimulating commentary, but are not licensed to address or give advice on individual investment situations. Nothing you receive from Energy & Capital should be considered personal investment advice. Any investments recommended by Energy & Capital should only be made after consulting with your investment advisor and only after reviewing the prospectus or financial statements of the company. All investments carry risk of significant loss.

Translation: Angel Publishing isn’t qualified to give personalized investment advice. Talk to an independent financial advisor before acting on any of the company’s “hot stock tips.” reached out to Angel Publishing for comment. Check back for updates.

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