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3Doodler Start Pen

The ink will run dry before you get close to creating all the objects depicted in this ad.

Any parent whose child has used a living room wall to express their artistic side in permanent marker can tell you that it’s tough to know what kids are thinking sometimes. (Even when you ask them, they don’t seem to know.) But that’s the job of the Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU), at least when it comes to what little ones are thinking when they see ads on TV. Recently, CARU had an issue with the above 3Doodler’s commercial.

In a decision, CARU said that one reasonable takeaway for a child viewing the commercial was that a single 3Doodler Start Pen kit included enough “Eco-plastic” filament to create all or most of the dozens of 3D creations featured in the ad. But, CARU noted:

The basic 3Doodler Start Essentials Pen Set comes with two packs of Eco-plastic, enough to produce approximately two of the larger structures featured in the commercial.

The advertiser argued that no child viewing the ad would assume that a single kit contained enough filament to recreate all of the objects depicted in the ad. Nonetheless, it agreed to include an audio disclaimer regarding such limitations in future ads.

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