USANA Influencer Marketing Database

A 2021 investigation found that numerous USANA-sponsored athletes advertise company products on their social media accounts without clearly and conspicuously disclosing their material connection to the company in violation of FTC law. has collected 128 examples of such deceptive social media posts across more than 25 USANA-sponsored athletes.

Examples include posts that completely lack disclosure, posts that bury the disclosure in a place that is unlikely to be seen (in these cases, also captured the posts on a mobile device to show how the disclosures are not generally visible), and posts that use unclear language in a failed attempt to disclose the material relationship.

Adli “Goldenboy” Hafidz
Adli Hafidz IG 4_7_21
Adli Hafidz IG 4_30_21
Adli Hafidz IG 9_28_21 (mobile)

Alex Ferreira
Alex Ferreira IG 9_25_20 (video)
Alex Ferreira IG 10_15_20
Alex Ferreira IG 11_30_20
Alex Ferreira IG 12_30_20
Alex Ferreira IG 1_25_21
Alex Ferreira IG 3_30_21
Alex Ferreira IG 7_31_21 (video)
Alex Ferreira IG 9_28_21

Alex Kopacz
Alex Kopacz IG 10_30_20
Alex Kopacz IG 12_25_20

Ashley Caldwell
Ashley Caldwell IG 12_11_20
Ashley Caldwell IG 12_20_20 (mobile)
Ashley Caldwell IG 1_22_21
Ashley Caldwell IG 3_16_21
Ashley Caldwell IG 4_22_21

Ashley Lin
Ashley Lin IG 10_11_20 (mobile)
Ashley Lin IG 12_19_20 (video 1, video 2, mobile)
Ashley Lin IG 2_28_21 (video)
Ashley Lin IG 3_30_21 (mobile)

Austin “No Doubt” Trout
Austin Trout IG 10_26_20 (mobile)
Austin Trout IG 11_25_20
Austin Trout IG 12_8_20 (mobile)
Austin Trout IG 1_11_21 (mobile)
Austin Trout IG 2_5_21
Austin Trout IG 3_17_21 (mobile)
Austin Trout IG 6_11_21
Austin Trout IG 6_23_21
Austin Trout IG 7_5_21 (mobile)
Austin Trout IG 7_11_21 (mobile)
Austin Trout IG 8_5_21
Austin Trout IG 8_9_21

Brandon “The Cannon” Adams
Brandon Adams IG 12_1_20 (mobile)

Brittany Bowe
Brittany Bowe IG 1_21_21
Brittany Bowe IG 3_11_21
Brittany Bowe IG 4_30_21
Brittany Bowe IG 5_29_21 (mobile)
Brittany Bowe IG 6_27_21

Chris Mazdzer
Chris Mazdzer IG 10_14_20 (mobile)
Chris Mazdzer IG 11_7_20
Chris Mazdzer IG 5_25_21 (mobile)
Chris Mazdzer IG 9_10_21

Daniel Eaton
Daniel Eaton IG 11_30_20
Daniel Eaton IG 12_16_20
Daniel Eaton IG 5_31_21
Daniel Eaton IG 6_21_21

Devin Logan
Devin Logan IG 9_23_20
Devin Logan IG 10_27_20
Devin Logan IG 11_23_20
Devin Logan IG 1_27_21
Devin Logan IG 3_20_21
Devin Logan IG 5_1_21
Devin Logan IG 5_29_21
Devin Logan IG 7_1_21
Devin Logan IG 9_27_21

Flick Palmateer
Flick Palmateer IG 10_15_20
Flick Palmateer IG 10_27_20 A
Flick Palmateer IG 10_27_20 B
Flick Palmateer IG 11_23_20 (video)
Flick Palmateer IG 2_2_21
Flick Palmateer IG 3_24_21
Flick Palmateer IG 4_5_21
Flick Palmateer IG 5_15_21
Flick Palmateer IG 6_20_21
Flick Palmateer IG 7_22_21
Flick Palmateer IG 8_27_21
Flick Palmateer IG 9_23_21

J’den Cox
J’den Cox IG 10_31_20 (mobile)
J’den Cox IG 12_29_20 (mobile)
J’den Cox IG 1_30_21 (mobile)
J’den Cox IG 5_30_21 (mobile)
J’den Cox IG 6_30_21 (mobile)
J’den Cox IG 7_31_21
J’den Cox IG 8_31_21 (mobile)
J’den Cox IG 10_2_21

Jemima Djatmiko
Jemima Djatmiko IG 3_22_21 (video)
Jemima Djatmiko IG 3_24_21

Jessica Long
Jessica Long IG 10_31_20
Jessica Long IG 12_21_20
Jessica Long IG 3_11_21

Mandy Bujold
Mandy Bujold IG 12_23_20
Mandy Bujold IG Usana story

Meaghan Mikkelson
Meaghan Mikkelson IG 11_29_20 (mobile)
Meaghan Mikkelson IG 7_25_21
Meaghan Mikkelson IG 10_28_21 (video)

Natalie Spooner
Natalie Spooner IG 8_14_20
Natalie Spooner IG 10_26_20
Natalie Spooner IG 3_28_21

Robert Killian
Robert Killian IG 10_29_20
Robert Killian IG 11_30_20
Robert Killian IG 12_30_20
Robert Killian IG 6_24_21

Ryan Wachendorfer
Ryan Wachendorfer IG 1_28_21
Ryan Wachendorfer IG 3_12_21
Ryan Wachendorfer IG 4_23_21
Ryan Wachendorfer IG 5_21_21
Ryan Wachendorfer IG 6_26_21
Ryan Wachendorfer IG 8_2_21
Ryan Wachendorfer IG 9_1_21
Ryan Wachendorfer IG 10_11_21

Sam Effah
Sam Effah IG 10_31_20
Sam Effah IG 11_30_20

Sam Pedlow
Sam Pedlow IG 1_21_21 (mobile)

Sara McMann
Sara McMann IG 12_16_20
Sara McMann IG 3_17_21
Sara McMann IG 4_30_21
Sara McMann IG 6_28_21
Sara McMann IG 7_11_21
Sara McMann IG 8_24_21
Sara McMann IG 9_30_21

Sarah Douglas
Sarah Douglas IG 12_21_20 (mobile)
Sarah Douglas IG 1_29_21 (mobile)
Sarah Douglas IG 3_23_21
Sarah Douglas IG 7_10_21 (mobile)
Sarah Douglas IG 8_28_21
Sarah Douglas IG 10_11_21 (mobile)

Sarah Hildebrandt
Sarah Hildebrandt IG 1_29_20

Sarah Wells
Sarah Wells IG 11_30_20
Sarah Wells IG 12_14_20
Sarah Wells IG 1_31_21
Sarah Wells IG 3_24_21 (mobile)
Sarah Wells IG 4_20_21 (mobile)
Sarah Wells IG 5_31_21 (mobile)
Sarah Wells IG 9_15_21 (mobile)

T.J. Milne
T.J. Milne IG 12_28_20

Yura Min
Yura Min IG 11_30_20