JWoww Instagram Database

TINA.org investigated 21 social media influencers who have received two FTC letters notifying them of their legal obligation to clearly and conspicuously disclose their relationships with brands when promoting products or services on social media platforms, such as Instagram. TINA.org collected more than 1,400 ads from 20 of the 21 influencers collectively promoting more than 500 companies between May 2017 and December 2018, each of which lack appropriate disclosures of the influencers’ material connections to the brands promoted.

Below is a sampling of JWoww’s inadequately disclosed Instagram ads. For posts that were accompanied by lengthy captions, TINA.org opened the full caption by clicking on “more” prior to capturing the post. Thus, the view presented below is not necessarily what a consumer would see when scrolling through an Instagram feed, highlighting the importance of placing disclosures at the beginning of a caption. Further, in some of the posts captured by TINA.org, Instagram’s built-in disclosure tool was used but, in those cases, the disclosure is separated from the caption and the image and is thus not sufficient.

TINA.org has also collected evidence that JWoww has a material connection to the brand(s) in the posts that must be clearly and conspicuously disclosed. (To view such evidence, click on each brand name below.)

TINA.org audited these findings in February 2019. Any Instagram posts that had been taken down or edited to clearly and conspicuously disclose the influencer’s material connection as of that time are shown below in gray.

Company Name Ad Video Live Link
310 Nutrition 310 Nutrition 7-06-18 310 Nutrition 7-06-18 Live
310 Nutrition 12-28-18 310 Nutrition 12-28-18 Live
Avengers Station Avengers Station 11-25-17 Avengers Station 11-25-17 Live
Belle Threads Belle Threads 7-16-17 Belle Threads 7-16-17 Live
Belle Threads 9-09-17 Belle Threads 9-09-17 Live
Belle Threads 10-30-18 Belle Threads 10-30-18 Live
Belle Threads 11-07-18 Belle Threads 11-07-18 Live
Cabana Tanning Spa Cabana Tanning Spa 6-21-18 Cabana Tanning Spa 6-21-18 Live
Cake Pops by Jenn Cake Pops by Jenn 7-16-17 Cake Pops by Jenn 7-16-17 Live
Cheers Party of 4 Cheers Party of 4 6-15-17 Cheers Party of 4 6-15-17 Live
Cheers Party of 4 7-04-17 Cheers Party of 4 7-04-17 Live
Chica Las Vegas Chica Las Vegas 11-26-17 Chica Las Vegas 11-26-17 Live
Chill Cryotherapy Chill Cryotherapy 5-31-17 Chill Cryotherapy 5-31-17 Live
Confections of a Rockstar (video) Confections of a Rockstar 3-14-18 Video Confections of a Rockstar 3-14-18 Live
Cuppy Cake Clothing Cuppy Cake Clothing 7-20-17 Cuppy Cake Clothing 7-20-17 Live
Dopple Dopple 5-24-17 Dopple 5-24-17 Live
El Balloons El Balloons 7-16-17 El Balloons 7-16-17 Live
Escape Kids Escape Kids 5-02-17 Escape Kids 5-02-17 Live
Ethos Spa Ethos Spa 5-30-17 Ethos Spa 5-30-17 Live
Eyebrow Doctor Eyebrow Doctor 11-22-17 Eyebrow Doctor 11-22-17 Live
Geema Sews Geema Sews 5-27-17 Geema Sews 5-27-17 Live
Jersey Shore Pirates Jersey Shore Pirates 5-11-17a Jersey Shore Pirates 5-11-17a Live
Jersey Shore Pirates 5-11-17b Jersey Shore Pirates 5-11-17b Live
Jersey Shore Pirates 5-21-17 Jersey Shore Pirates 5-21-17 Live
Jersey Shore Pirates 5-30-17 Video Jersey Shore Pirates 5-30-17 Live
Just Dad’s Clothing Just Dad’s Clothing 5-28-18 Just Dad’s Clothing 5-28-18 Live
La Banj La Banj 6-15-17 La Banj 6-15-17 Live
Lil Mr. Clothing Lil Mr. Clothing 8-12-17 Lil Mr. Clothing 8-12-17 Live
Lil Mr. Clothing 8-14-17 Lil Mr. Clothing 8-14-17 Live
Little Villains Clothing Little Villains Clothing 6-02-17 Little Villains Clothing 6-02-17 Live
Lovecrush Inc. Lovecrush Inc. 7-16-17 Lovecrush Inc. 7-16-17 Live
Manhattan Laser Spa Manhattan Laser Spa 10-07-17 Manhattan Laser Spa 10-07-17 Live
Modani Furniture (video) Modani Furniture 1-30-18 Video Modani Furniture 1-30-18 Live
Monica’s Bridal Monica’s Bridal 6-10-17 Monica’s Bridal 6-10-17 Live
Monica’s Bridal 6-15-17 Video Monica’s Bridal 6-15-17 Live
Monica’s Bridal 7-18-17a Monica’s Bridal 7-18-17a Live
Monica’s Bridal 7-18-17b Monica’s Bridal 7-18-17b Live
Monica’s Bridal 7-18-17c Video Monica’s Bridal 7-18-17c Live
NYC Smile Design NYC Smile Design 2-26-18 NYC Smile Design 2-26-18 Live
NYC Smile Design 6-06-18 Video NYC Smile Design 6-06-18 Live
Ocean Organics Ocean Organics 5-05-17 Ocean Organics 5-05-17 Live
Ocean Organics 5-09-17 Ocean Organics 5-09-17 Live
Ocean Organics 5-21-17 Ocean Organics 5-21-17 Live
Ocean Organics 6-02-17 Ocean Organics 6-02-17 Live
Ocean Organics 7-01-17 Ocean Organics 7-01-17 Live
Perfect Princess Parties NJ Perfect Princess Parties NJ 7-16-17 Perfect Princess Parties NJ 7-16-17 Live
PremFit PremFit 6-01-18 PremFit 6-01-18 Live
Qupid Shoes Qupid Shoes 3-26-18 Qupid Shoes 3-26-18 Live
Qupid Shoes 4-03-18 Qupid Shoes 4-03-18 Live
Qupid Shoes 4-10-18 Qupid Shoes 4-10-18 Live
Qupid Shoes 4-16-18 Qupid Shoes 4-16-18 Live
Qupid Shoes 4-25-18 Qupid Shoes 4-25-18 Live
Qupid Shoes 5-02-18 Qupid Shoes 5-02-18 Live
Qupid Shoes 5-16-18 Qupid shoes 5-16-18 Live
Qupid Shoes 5-22-18 Qupid Shoes 5-22-18 Live
Qupid Shoes 6-01-18 Qupid Shoes 6-01-18 Live
Qupid Shoes 6-21-18 Qupid Shoes 6-21-18 Live
Qupid Shoes 6-25-18 Qupid Shoes 6-25-18 Live
Qupid Shoes 8-29-18 Qupid Shoes 8-29-18 Live
Qupid Shoes 11-16-18 Qupid Shoes 11-16-18 Live
Qupid Shoes 11-19-18 Qupid Shoes 11-19-18 Live
Regal Drapes Regal Drapes 8-15-18 Regal Drapes 8-15-18 Live
Revolutionize Nutrition Revolutionize Nutrition 1-15-18 Revolutionize Nutrition 1-15-18 Live
Sesame Place Sesame Place 9-22-17 Sesame Place 9-22-17 Live
Shore Inflatables Shore Inflatables 8-16-17 Shore Inflatables 8-16-17 Live
Smile Sciences Smile Sciences 7-06-17 Smile Sciences 7-06-17 Live
Sniptease Salon and Spa Sniptease Salon and Spa 1-17-18 Sniptease Salon and Spa 1-17-18 Live
Sophie Glow Vanity Sophie Glow Vanity 7-13-17 Sophie Glow Vanity 7-13-17 Live
STK STK 6-29-17 STK 6-29-17 Live
Taste of Fame Apparel Taste of Fame Apparel 6-16-17 Taste of Fame Apparel 6-16-17 Live
Taste of Fame Apparel 6-23-17 Taste of Fame Apparel 6-23-17 Live
The Kaga Institute (video) The Kaga Institute 5-18-18 Video The Kaga Institute 5-18-18 Live
The Nude Face The Nude Face 8-20-18 The Nude Face 8-20-18 Live
The Stair Barrier The Stair Barrier 6-02-17 The Stair Barrier 6-02-17 Live
The Wave Tanning Studio The Wave Tanning Studio 6-14-18 The Wave Tanning Studio 6-14-18 Live
Thomson Healthcare Thomson Healthcare 10-06-18 Video Thomson Healthcare 10-06-18 Live
Vintage Havana Vintage Havana 5-03-17 Vintage Havana 5-03-17 Live
Vintage Havana 1-01-18 Vintage Havana 1-01-18 Live
Wren and Glory Wren and Glory 12-07-18 Wren and Glory 12-07-18 Live