Gillette Made in USA Marketing

Below is a sampling of Gillette marketing materials that claim — either expressly or implicitly — that its products are Made in the USA.


Proudly Making Gillette Razors More Affordable (Video, Description)
The Faces Behind the Blades | Inside the Gillette Factory (Video, Description)
USA Pride | Faces Behind The Blades (Video, Description)
Brotherly Love | Faces Behind The Blades (Video, Description)
Dad Works Here Too | Faces Behind The Blades (Video, Description)
Fun With Tony and Paul | Faces Behind The Blades (Video, Description)
Generations | Faces Behind The Blades (Video, Description)
Gillette’s “Three Amigos” | Faces Behind The Blades (Video, Description)
The Best A Man Can Get (and Ladies too) | Faces Behind The Blades (Video, Description)
Veterans Pride | Faces Behind The Blades Gillette (Video, Description)


Gillette July 4 tweet proud to be a Boston-based brand (Tweet, Video)
Gillette tweet 100 years Boston Made
Gillette tweet 1000 men and women working (Tweet, Video)
Gillette tweet based in Boston
Gillette tweet Boston based for 116 years
Gillette tweet Boston born
Gillette tweet Boston Made hashtag
Gillette tweet built in Boston delivered all over the globe (Tweet, Video)
Gillette tweet built in Boston since 1901 (Tweet, Video)
Gillette tweet day and night more than 1000 employees
Gillette tweet Eric (Tweet, Video)
Gillette tweet from Boston delivered all across America (Tweet, Video)
Gillette tweet from our headquarters in Boston (Tweet, Video)
Gillette tweet Happy Labor Day (Tweet, Video)
Gillette tweet inside Boston factory (Tweet, Video)
Gillette tweet meet some of the faces of Gillette (Tweet, Video)
Gillette tweet passion and pride (Tweet, Video)
Gillette tweet proud to call Boston our home
Gillette tweet razors are not one size fits all (Tweet, Video)
Gillette tweet since 1905 making blades in Boston
Gillette tweet veterans day (Tweet, Video)
Gillette tweet We’ve come a long way in improving razors (TweetVideo)
Gillette tweet welcome to World Shaving HQ (Tweet, GIF, Video)
Gillette tweet where are your razors made (Tweet, Video)
Gillette tweet wicked sharp blades
Gillette tweet with flags and quality claim
Gillette tweet HQ Trivia
An open letter from the thousands of men and women at Gillette


Gillette Facebook Boston Born
Gillette Facebook Boston Born Just like Bostonians
Gillette Facebook Boston Made Since 1901
Gillette Facebook Happy Labor Day
Gillette Facebook Inside Boston factory with US flag (Video, Description)
Gillette Facebook Inside the Factory video (Video, Description)
Gillette Facebook Made in Boston Since 1905 (Video, Description)
Gillette Facebook Mett Harry and Kathryn (Video, Description)
Gillette Facebook Proud to Announce Gillette Quality (Video, Description)
Gillette Facebook Since 1905 making blades in the heart of Boston
Gillette Facebook Tony second generation employee
Gillette Facebook We don’t just advertise razors
Gillette Facebook Welcome to World Shaving HQ (Video, Description)
Gillette Facebook Where do Gillette razors come from (Video, Description)
Gillette Facebook World Shaving HQ trivia