Forever Living Social Media Platforms

A investigation into Forever Living identified more than 5,500 examples of the company and its high-level executives making atypical income claims to promote the MLM’s business opportunity, more than 150 of which were made on Forever Living’s various social media platforms, as shown below. Each of these posts are part of the company’s advertising mosaic that conveys the message that distributors typically earn money if they join the business opportunity. completed an audit of these findings on August 26th, 2022. Any deceptive claims that had been taken down as of that time are shown below in gray.

* has shortened the length of some videos in the database.


FL YT 6/24/13 (description)
FL YT 6/27/13 A (description)
FL YT 6/27/13 B (description)
FL YT 7/17/13 A (description)
FL YT 7/17/13 B (description)
FL YT 8/6/13 (description)
FL YT 9/10/13 (description)
FL YT 1/21/14 (description)
FL YT 5/21/14 (description)
FL YT 5/11/15 (description)
FL YT 6/1/15 (description)
FL YT 9/9/15 (description)
FL YT 10/27/15 (description)
FL YT 6/21/17 A (description)
FL YT 6/21/17 B (description)
FL YT 6/21/17 C (description)
FL YT 6/21/17 D (description)
FL YT 6/21/17 E (description)
FL YT 6/21/17 F (description)
FL YT 6/21/17 G (description)
FL YT 6/21/17 H (description)
FL YT 12/4/17 (description)
FL YT 5/16/18 A (description)
FL YT 5/16/18 B (description)
FL YT 5/16/18 C (description)
FL YT 10/16/18 (description)
FL YT 11/30/18 (description)

FL Ireland YT 6/28/17 (description)
FL Ireland YT 8/2/18 (description)
FL Ireland YT 11/23/18 A (description)
FL Ireland YT 11/23/18 B (description)
FL Ireland YT 11/23/18 C (description)
FL Ireland YT 11/23/18 D (description)

FL Suisse YT 9/8/13 A (description)
FL Suisse YT 9/8/13 B (description)
FL Suisse YT 5/17/18 (description)
FL Suisse YT 6/18/18 (description)
FL Suisse YT 12/21/18 (description)
FL Suisse YT 1/2/19 (description)
FL Suisse YT 12/31/19 (description)
FL Suisse YT 10/13/20 (description)

FL UK YT 2/21/17 (description)
FL UK YT 2/22/17 (description)
FL UK YT 2/23/17 (description)
FL UK YT 3/2/17 (description)
FL UK YT 5/17/17 (description)
FL UK YT 5/29/17 (description)
FL UK YT 7/10/17 (description)
FL UK YT 7/17/17 (description)
FL UK YT 7/31/17 (description)
FL UK YT 8/14/17 (description)
FL UK YT 9/25/17 (description)
FL UK YT 10/8/17 (description)
FL UK YT 10/9/17 (description)
FL UK YT 10/16/17 (description)
FL UK YT 10/30/17 (description)
FL UK YT 11/21/17 (description)
FL UK YT 2/5/18 (description)
FL UK YT 2/24/18 (description)
FL UK YT 4/3/18 (description)
FL UK YT 9/24/18 (description)
FL UK YT 10/8/18 (description)
FL UK YT 10/22/18 (description)
FL UK YT 11/5/18 (description)
FL UK YT 1/14/19 (description)
FL UK YT 5/11/20 (description)