Farrah Abraham Instagram Database

TINA.org investigated 21 social media influencers who have received two FTC letters notifying them of their legal obligation to clearly and conspicuously disclose their relationships with brands when promoting products or services on social media platforms, such as Instagram. TINA.org collected more than 1,400 ads from 20 of the 21 influencers collectively promoting more than 500 companies between May 2017 and December 2018, each of which lack appropriate disclosures of the influencers’ material connections to the brands promoted.

Below is a sampling of Farrah Abraham’s inadequately disclosed Instagram ads. For posts that were accompanied by lengthy captions, TINA.org opened the full caption by clicking on “more” prior to capturing the post. Thus, the view presented below is not necessarily what a consumer would see when scrolling through an Instagram feed, highlighting the importance of placing disclosures at the beginning of a caption. Further, in some of the posts captured by TINA.org, Instagram’s built-in disclosure tool was used but, in those cases, the disclosure is separated from the caption and the image and is thus not sufficient.

TINA.org has also collected evidence that Farrah Abraham has a material connection to the brand(s) in the posts that must be clearly and conspicuously disclosed. (To view such evidence, click on each brand name below.)

Company Name Ad Video Live Link
Aesthetic Medicine Aesthetic Medicine 11-26-2018 Aesthetic Medicine 11-26-2018 Live
Alka Glam Alka Glam 12-4-2018 Alka Glam 12-4-2018 Live
Antonio Ferrer Antonio Ferrer 3-04-2018 Antonio Ferrer 3-04-2018 Live
AS Fur AS Fur 12-1-2018 AS Fur 12-1-2018 Live
Audible Audible 6-6-2018 Video Audible 6-6-2018 Live
Baravia Beauty Baravia Beauty 5-20-2018 Baravia Beauty 5-20-2018 Live
Baravia Beauty 5-22-2018 Baravia Beauty 5-22-2018 Live
Belladonna Sweets Belladonna Sweets 6-01-2018 Belladonna Sweets 6-01-2018 Live
Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center 8-26-2017 (A,B) Video Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center 8-26-2017 Live
Bijoux Bar Newcastle Bijoux Bar Newcastle 7-10-2017 Bijoux Bar Newcastle 7-10-2017 Live
Bina’s Brow Boutique (Video) Bina’s Brow Boutique 1-14-2018 Video Bina’s Brow Boutique 1-14-2018 Live
Blue Canvas Nails Blue Canvas Nails 6-21-2017 Blue Canvas Nails 6-21-2017 Live
Christophe Guillarme Christophe Guillarme 5-18-2018 Christophe Guillarme 5-18-2018 Live
CosyBox CosyBox 5-18-2018 CosyBox 5-18-2018 Live
Crazy Horse III Crazy Horse III 8-05-2017 Crazy Horse III 8-05-2017 Live
Crazy Horse III 8-06-2017 Crazy Horse III 8-06-2017 Live
Crazy Horse III 12-15-2017 Crazy Horse III 12-15-2017 Live
Dr Sheila Nazarian Dr Sheila Nazarian 4-17-2018 Dr Sheila Nazarian 4-17-2018 Live
Dr Sheila Nazarian 6-14-2018 Video Dr Sheila Nazarian 6-14-2018 Live
Dr Sheila Nazarian 7-10-2018 Video Dr Sheila Nazarian 7-10-2018 Live
Figur8 Shapewear Figur8 Shapewear 5-09-2018 Figur8 Shapewear 5-09-2018 Live
Flat Tummy Co. Flat Tummy Co. 8-23-2018 Flat Tummy Co. 8-23-2018 Live
Flat Tummy Co. 8-29-2018 Video Flat Tummy Co. 8-29-2018 Live
Flawless Vegas (Video) Flawless Vegas 12-14-2017 Video Flawless Vegas 12-14-2017 Live
Flawless Vegas 3-09-2018 Video Flawless Vegas 3-09-2018 Live
Flawless Vegas 4-13-2018 Video Flawless Vegas 4-13-2018 Live
Get Into The Limelight Get Into The Limelight 12-19-2017 Get Into The Limelight 12-19-2017 Live
Gina’s Beverly Hills (Video) Gina’s Beverly Hills 5-12-2018 Video Gina’s Beverly Hills 5-12-2018 Live
Gulnora Gulnora 5-20-2018 Gulnora 5-20-2018 Live
Hair Dreams USA Hair Dreams USA 12-20-2017 Hair Dreams USA 12-20-2017 Live
Hottie Hair Salon and Extensions (Video) Hottie Hair Salon and Extensions 8-4-2017 Video Hottie Hair Salon and Extensions 8-4-2017 Live
Hottie Hair Salon and Extensions 8-5-2017 Hottie Hair Salon and Extensions 8-5-2017 Live
Hottie Hair Salon and Extensions 9-12-2017 Hottie Hair Salon and Extensions 9-12-2017 Live
Hottie Hair Salon and Extensions 12-16-2017 Video Hottie Hair Salon and Extensions 12-16-2017 Live
Jessica Rich Collection Jessica Rich Collection 10-18-2017 Jessica Rich Collection 10-18-2017 Live
Jessica Rich Collection 3-15-2018 Jessica Rich Collection 3-15-2018 Live
Jonathan Baron Hair Jonathan Baron Hair 8-28-2017 Jonathan Baron Hair 8-28-2017 Live
Karina Rose Belfield Karina Rose Belfield 7-10-2017 Karina Rose Belfield 7-10-2017 Live
Karma Swim (Video) Karma Swim 11-9-2018 Video Karma Swim 11-9-2018 Live
Karma Swim 11-13-2018 Karma Swim 11-13-2018 Live
Kitson Kitross Kitson Kitross 4-10-2018 Kitson Kitross 4-10-2018 Live
Make Up by Glara Make Up by Glara 12-04-2017 Make Up by Glara 12-04-2017 Live
Marcos G Makeup Marcos G Makeup 6-25-2017 Marcos G Makeup 6-25-2017 Live
Micaela Oliveira Micaela Oliveira 5-15-2018 Micaela Oliveira 5-15-2018 Live
Micaela Oliveira 5-18-2018 Micaela Oliveira 5-18-2018 Live
Miramonte Resort and Spa Miramonte Resort and Spa 4-14-2018 Miramonte Resort and Spa 4-14-2018 Live
Moni Vegas Beauty Moni Vegas Beauty 8-05-2017 Moni Vegas Beauty 8-05-2017 Live
Plush Flower Walls Plush Flower Walls 6-03-2018 Plush Flower Walls 6-03-2018 Live
PremFit PremFit 10-3-2018 PremFit 10-3-2018 Live
Pulchra Intimates Pulchra Intimates 12-03-2017 Pulchra Intimates 12-03-2017 Live
Pulchra Intimates 2-14-2018 Pulchra Intimates 2-14-2018 Live
Pulchra Intimates 2-21-2018 Pulchra Intimates 2-21-2018 Live
SaVous SaVous 2-23-2018 SaVous 2-23-2018 Live
Sugar Factory Sugar Factory 11-18-2018 Sugar Factory 11-18-2018 Live
The Pool Room The Pool Room 4-07-2018 The Pool Room 4-07-2018 Live
The Royals Paris The Royals Paris 3-14-2018 The Royals Paris 3-14-2018 Live
Townley Girl Townley Girl 6-3-2017 (A,B) Townley Girl 6-3-2017  A Live, B Live
Townley Girl 10-4-2017 Townley Girl 10-4-2018 Live
Townley Girl 10-6-2017 Video Townley Girl 10-6-2018 Live
Two Gypsea Souls Two Gypsea Souls 9-9-2017 Two Gypsea Souls 9-9-2017 Live
Two Gypsea Souls 9-10-2017 Two Gypsea Souls 9-10-2017 Live
Two Gypsea Souls 1-6-2018 Video Two Gypsea Souls 1-6-2018 Live
Two Gypsea Souls 1-8-2018 Two Gypsea Souls 1-8-2018 Live
Win a Fiji Villa Win a Fiji Villa 4-30-2018 Win a Fiji Villa 4-30-2018 Live
Win a Fiji Villa 5-7-2018 Win a Fiji Villa 5-7-2018 Live
Zen and Grace Zen and Grace 10-3-2017 Video Zen and Grace 10-3-2017 Live