FabKids Deceptive Influencer Marketing

The following is a sampling of more than 45 FabKids ads on Instagram accounts across more than 25 different social media influencers in which the influencers failed to disclose their material connection to the company in a clear and conspicuous manner. Such examples include posts in which the influencer failed to include any disclosure at all, used inadequate and unclear language to disclose the relationship, or placed the disclosure in a location that will easily be overlooked by consumers (e.g., placed at the end of a long caption and/or in a place that users need to click on “more” to see it).

For each influencer who either lacks a disclosure or includes an ambiguous disclosure in the sampling below, TINA.org has provided evidence showing the influencer’s material connection to FabKids.

_pamelaresende IG 11_8_20 (material connection)
aditik_sheetall IG 7_23_21 (material connection)
alis0n_west IG 12_28_20
alis0n_west IG 3_2_21
alis0n_west IG 4_7_21
alis0n_west IG 7_16_21
andreakucinski IG 7_16_21
andreakucinski IG 12_29_20
bearygoodmodel IG 7_19_21 (material connection)
bellepetitebabe IG 11_13_19
bettykcheung IG 7_19_21
can1love IG 5_2_21 (material connection)
can1love IG 7_15_21 (video A, video B)
ceritabella IG 4_19_21
ceritabella IG 5_18_21
chasingtheflores IG 7_22_21
daniele_luna IG 4_15_21 (material connection)
daniele_luna IG 6_9_21
daniele_luna IG 7_1_21
dunnfamilyfun IG 7_14_21 (material connection)
farnsworthdaisy IG 3_10_21
farnsworthdaisy IG 4_19_21
farnsworthdaisy IG 5_26_21
farnsworthdaisy IG 6_17_21
gabrielleperritte IG 8_2_21
henley.alexa IG 7_9_21
itstashhaynes IG 12_9_20 (material connection)
jakobykae IG 7_8_21
karinabbingham IG 4_28_21 (material connection)
karinabbingham IG 5_21_21
karinabbingham IG 7_6_21
lindyjboymom IG 7_20_21
lluciana_h IG 4_21_21 (material connection)
lluciana_h IG 5_27_21 (video)
lluciana_h IG 7_12_21
monstruitomom IG 7_27_21 (material connection)
shristidoll IG 6_12_21
shristidoll IG 7_19_21
terrimchugh IG 5_23_21
terrimchugh IG 7_18_21
therockymtnmomma IG 5_2_21
therockymtnmomma IG 5_26_21
therockymtnmomma IG 7_6_21
thetroublebunch IG 7_20_21 (material connection)
tinymissfashion IG 8_1_21
woodcitylimits IG 7_19_21