A 2019-2020 TINA.org investigation into the emerging use of virtual influencers in social media marketing has catalogued a *sampling of 28 virtual influencers ranging from the human-like to the overtly cartoonish. More than 80 brands are represented in TINA.org’s sampling, which totals 250 sponsored posts. In addition, where available, TINA.org has compiled more than 50 “lifestyle” posts designed to portray the virtual influencer as human.

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Dagny KFC 4/9/19


*Note: This database is meant to show the breadth of virtual influencer marketing. While it highlights several potential legal issues regarding the use of virtual influencers (issues that are explained in more detail in TINA.org’s Comment to the FTC regarding its Endorsement Guides, as well as Reality Check: TINA.org Calls on FTC to Address Virtual Influencers), it includes posts that may not necessarily be deceptive pursuant to FTC law.