Testimonials that appeared on SpeechNutrients’ website in 2009 and 2010
(Obtained from Internet Archive Wayback Machine)

What our parents are saying…

“As far as specific changes, wow! I have a couple of food allergy kids who are suffering with malabsorption for other reasons, and this has been a huge boost for them. One little girl really flourished with pragmatic language after taking the supplements. I have one kid in particular who is the MOST dyspraxic child I have ever treated and in three weeks with your product has gone from one sound with an open mouth to a variety of sounds and the ability to look in a mirror and attempt lip closure and ‘mmm’. He is finally saying mama and actually said ‘boat’ last week with the first and last sound. It has been great to guide them to your website as well.”
Heather Hays, OTR/L

“I started using Speak three weeks ago for my 5 yr old son, adopted by me at 2 yrs of age, who had always talked in a mumbled, muffled voice. He’d been in speech therapy for over 3 yrs. On his seventh day, taking 2 Speak capsules a day, Robbie began talking more clearly and in full sentences. On his 8th day I began giving him 3 Speak capsules a day. On his 14th day of Speak I met with his school teacher as well as his speech teacher. Both wanted to know what we had done to improve Robbie’s speech so quickly and so dramatically. I explained to them about Speak and gave them some literature to review.

Also, Robbie’s speech teacher from his preschool days is now working with Rebecca, Robbie’s sister . When she was here last week she kept saying over and over how she couldn’t believe the change in Robbie’s speaking ability. With Rebecca, she is now on three Speak capsules a day. Although she is nonverbal I have noticed an increase in her swallowing ability. This we hope will inevitably lead to her trach being removed. A blessing in itself. Her complexion and appearance look so good. We are also noticing an improvement in her muscle tone and spasticity. In fact, Rebecca’s chiropractor commented that she was showing great improvement in her whole body since she has been on Speak. He was impressed.

A friend of mine, whom I gave 2 boxes of the Speak capsules to 5 days ago, has had her 5 yr old grandson on 2 Speak capsules a day. This morning she reported that Brahan was moving his mouth muscles attempting to speak and that his spasticity had greatly improved. She was thrilled. We will move him up to 3 Speak once a day starting Sunday. This is a product that I would urge anyone who is considering trying it to do it. We have seen remarkable results in a very short period of time. Speak is truly a blessing. In fact, Rebecca’s Neurologist at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital inquired about Speak and we gave him a brochure. This product has, in a short period of time, greatly exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much. I will keep you informed and please don’t hesitate to give anyone my name and E mail address. I truly believe in Speak. God Bless, Kathy”
Kathy L, TN

“This supplement has been very helpful. When I first heard about success other children were having with speak, I wanted it to believe it but my husband, as a physician, was very skeptical about the supplement.

I had started the supplement, but due to loose stools, and the fact that my child is going to daycare, I decided to stop giving the supplement. After stopping the supplement, I noticed that my son had regressed. At drop-off time, he had anxiety that had disappeared during the time he was taking speak. The daily notes from school indicated that during the day he was “quiet” or “tired.” So, I was determined to start him again on speak again and beg for the daycare to help me during this transition. I told them in advance that they might see some loose stools, and they should not consider this to be sickness.

It has been couple of weeks and my son now waves good bye to me every morning. Yesterday, I received one of the daily reports, and they said that they understand him more and more every day. They noted that during the day he said “I see the cars” while staring out the window. I am thrilled to see those results. I am very happy abut this progress, especially after my Speech Therapist told me that he would not speak until the age of 5 (he is now 2 yrs. 9 months). My mistake was to start him on 4 capsules all at once as opposed to gradually increasing the dosage. Right now he is taking two capsules and will increase to 3 next week. The best thing is that there were no loose stools this time around. Which means no phone calls from the daycare. What a relief!!!!

I just want to say THANKS!”
Vanessa, NY

“Since taking speak, my son John has been trying more sounds and putting words together. Not only has his speech improved, but he is voluntarily experimenting with sounds outside of his speech therapy. John has always been so quiet, but that is definitely changing.”
Dawn, IL

“I had just about given up hope before I started my 4 year old on speak in December. Since then, the changes have been amazing. His articulation has greatly improved, he is stringing together 4 and 5 words, and I’ve even seen cognitive improvements. I didn’t tell our speech therapist that he was taking speak, and at our end of the year evaluation, she couldn’t believe how much he had progressed and wanted to know what we had been doing. I’ve passed speak along to her and to several others.”
– Maria B., OH

“Thank you for NourishLife speak. Speak has truly taken Liam from a baby to a little boy. Not only has his talking improved, but his (and our) quality of life. We have a much more interactive, responsive relationship. Thank you for all you have done and for providing this product.”
–- Mylah, CA

“The Speak nutrients are helping my son and I am very grateful. He was born at 27weeks gestation and weighed only 1.4 pounds. He is now 4 with significant speech delays and sensory issues. Since I have been giving him Speak, he is talking much more and able to process his thoughts enough to talk in more complex sentences and thoughts. I stopped giving it to him for a week and noticed that his communication diminished. I’m sure the research is ongoing, but I just want to say thank you for making this available to us now, because it is helping. ”
Samantha, OK

“My 4 year old son is on the autism spectrum and his words have been very muffled and limited. After starting him on speak, his words are clearer and he is saying more. In addition, he has become a little less active than usual and is more patient towards his younger brother.”
— Lucette, NY

“I just wanted to let you know that I was somewhat skeptical when I first started to give the speak supplements to our daughter. However, we have noticed that her articulation was well has her syntax have greatly improved after taking the supplements for only three weeks.”
— K, CA

My 28-month-old son began taking Speak a few months ago to help with his possible apraxia/definite speech delay. We started out slowly and gradually increased his intake to 4 capsules per day. I was amazed at how well he tolerated the liquid in his foods, as he can be picky and very sensitive to textures and new tastes.

We went through a short period where his temperament was a bit tough, but believe me when I say “persevere!” It’s worth it! Within 2 weeks of starting the supplement we had heard 3-4 new consonant sounds and more vowel sounds. He was trying much harder to mimic sounds he heard around him and seemed to be gaining the confidence to try more words. His comprehension is at a normal level, if not above, so he seems to know when he’s not making the correct sounds, and it frustrates him. In the past this has limited his desire to try the sounds, and he’s stuck to signing instead. He’s really coming out of his shell now!

Currently paired with his weekly speech therapy we are hearing at least 3-4 new words and sounds per week, and the vocabulary just keeps growing!

My family is so thankful for this product and for the wonderful staff that stand behind it. I highly recommend that any parent with a child battling a speech delay give Speak a try! With a free box, what does anyone have to lose?”

Erin, VA

“I’ve been telling everyone about speak. It has been working great! Even though I was giving fish oil, I was never sure of the right dose, and it didn’t seem to have the effect that speak does. His vocabulary has increased, and his pre-school teachers have been asking me what’s going on because they have noticed such a huge improvement.”
Zoe Gordon, KS

“Since beginning the speech nutrients nearly 3 months ago, twice per daily, we have noticed significant progress in our son’s speech development (age 5.5). He has been in speech therapy since the age of 1 and has been diagnosed with significant speech delay among other developmental/ cognitive delays. Our family has been exceptionally pleased with his progress since beginning the speech nutrients; we have noticed an added level of complexity to his sentences and length of conversations he is able to carry with us and peers to be more intelligible. Whether these improvements are due to maturation with assistance to the speech nutrients regiment, my family is convinced of the healing, therapeutic properties of fish oils, especially combined with other natural ingredients to produce “speak”, we are true believers in the power of this important vitamin and are now regular customers. Thank you so much for all you do in speech development for young children!”
Alexandra Terry, AZ

“I wanted to write and tell you of the progress we have seen with my son, Jotham, since starting on Speak. Jotham is 2 years and 8 months. Before we started Speak we had him on fish oil but in a smaller amount. His speech therapist had recommended it to me. Jotham has now been taking Speak for 2 full months. In the past month I have had numerous comments about how he has improved from his speech therapist, his teacher at school and others at school and in our family that know him so well. During one lesson with his therapist a month after starting Speak he spoke nothing but two word utterances! He never spoke two word utterances before, only one word and only if you asked him to repeat you.

When I was preparing to take him to an appointment with a developmental pediatrician in early February I had a questionnaire for his teacher at school to fill out. It broke my heart when I read on her paperwork that she recommended keeping Jotham in the 2 year old class again next year because he would run off, try to play with others but get frustrated because they didn’t understand him, and she was concerned with him not grasping concepts. Two weeks ago the same teacher said she thought he was ready to move ahead with his class next year. She said his cognitive thinking is so much better, he is communicating with others better, and she sent me an email this week saying Jotham put a puzzle together all by himself with no help and when he was done he looked up and said, “I did it!”. She said she and the other children were all so excited for him.

There are more words coming more easily on a daily, it is like a light bulb has been turned on. Last weekend he started singing the “alleluia” chorus that we sing in church, he sang it the whole way through, in tune! He has never attempted to sing anything while in church, just yelling out “Amen” once in awhile, repeating what we say. But he obviously had been listening!

I have to join Jotham in saying “alleluia” and thank you, for Speak. We cannot thank you enough for this wonderful product.”
Julie, TX

“I would like to share a little bit about my 8 year old son Justin. It seems like an uphill battle with his Apraxia. I have had nothing but problems getting a diagnosis for this or even finding another parent with a child that has the same disorder. I have taken him to doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist and nothing. THE FRUSTRATION! I felt as though I was not giving my son the proper care as I could not help him by what I was doing.

I started google-ing, and I found NourishLife actually made a supplement for Justin’s disorder. IT WORKS! His broken and choppy speech became smooth in one day! I was on the phone to my entire family. Justin told me that he didn’t want to try it, but I convinced him to take the capsules in chocolate milk. This was 3 months ago. He still has articulation disorder, but now he will not let us leave the house for school without taking his dose of SPEAK. It’s working, and I would recommend any parent to try it. Thanks to the NourishLife SpeechNutrients for support and help with our situation. I do believe they are out for the greater good and not the all mighty dollar.”
Julie Goodwin

“I am very happy to let you know that my son responded very well to speak. He is copying everything, he is much better in the social area, he is trying to speak much more, he seems to understand better and he pays more attention to everyone, I am really impressed with the progress in only 1 week. Thank you.”
Rosario, UK

“About a year ago, our son nearly age 3, was diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech. He spoke only a few understandable words, none of which created sentences. He also seemed more uncoordinated than most children his age. We also tried to find answers to good nourishment and diet that might help him grow and develop. Last fall, he was formally diagnosed with Global Apraxia. He now receives speech 3 times a week, OT & PT therapy 2 times each a week. At about the same time, we had heard good results with Omega3 supplements. We tried many other products before I happen to stumble upon your website and Speak. We started slow, 1 a day, then to 2 a day, being skeptical parents of any new product. Our soon-to-be 4 year old now takes 4 capsules daily in applesauce.

With good therapy and taking Speak, he is now talking in sentences most of the time, his vocabulary has nearly tripled, and some words are as clear as any other 3 yr old. We look back a year ago. We begged and bribed him to say words like ‘cookie’, taking anything that sounded like it, then rewarding him. Now, there are moments when we actually ask him to quiet down or even to stop talking do to the environment, such as in Church! It is a joy to hear him unprovoked in conversation, singing songs, walking instead of crawling on the stairs, running without falling, and enjoying life. Yes, the road is still a long one but now with some optimism.”
Thank you
Mathew, OH

“My twins have only been on it a week but the effects are already being seen. They are calmer and the big circles under Avery’s eyes are gone. His blue eyes shine! Both of them are focusing on our faces more and they are trying to speak. I am so impressed with the progress. I want to thank you and Speech Nutrients for this product. God bless you.”
Tanya Herod, MS

“My 6 yr old non-verbal autism son has been on your supplement for about 10 days. He started to say “apple”! Today his teacher reported he said “up”, “brown bear” and “ten”. We are very excited!
Marcia, NJ

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note with an update – Cole has made INCREDIBLE progress. We have been blown away! The “speak” supplement is miraculous!! He has gotten the best reports ever from school. It is impossible to not see the difference in him. This is very exciting!” “I cannot come close to adequately explaining the enormous progress Cole has made since starting SPEAK. The best way to explain it is that he is now like any other 3 year old, only with a significant speech delay and some low tone. The reports from school and therapy have been incredible. The changes are not subtle at all. We took Cole to a big Chanukah party at our county club where in previous years he would just shut down, this year he participated, sat nicely, and was talking! His grandmother joked “I want whatever he is on!” So things are great! Thank you for all you have done!!!”
Melissa Goldberg, NJ

“I have been on the search for the right kind of supplement for Evan when I ran across your sight and was so excited to see that you had the exact amounts that had been recommended in everything I read. I did start him on it about a month and a half ago. Within a couple of days on this Evan said 2 new words (No and Off). Evan also began to show some huge progress with all of his sounds. I waited a couple of weeks and I up Evan from two to four a day and within a few days he started to try and count. They have been working on this forever in Therapy. He doesn’t say the complete words but he understands the concept. He also said apple for the first time. He is also been playing with my alphabet on the refrigerator and he has begun to bring a new letter at least everyday and tells me the sound.”
Vicki White, LA

“Our son has leveled off nicely from the emotional outbursts we experienced the first few weeks on Speak. Also, his speech therapist said that the past two months he’s increased his sound variety and production more quickly than ever since she started working with him, 3 years ago.”
J., CO

“I believe she is speaking in more complex sentences and she is less gittery, more focused. Her conversational skills have improved too. Her therapist is very impressed with her conversational speech and she is making progress.”
Ali Robinson, WV

“My daughter’s OT and SLP both noted that she was speaking more clearly, showing improved eye contact, and interacting more during her sessions within 3 weeks of us giving her speak regularly. In general, Carisse seems more animated and responsive to us.”
Hilary Wheeler, CA

“That formula has done wonders for her! Her speech is within the normal range and the Vitamin E greatly helped diminish her sensory issues. It’s the formula we need in 2 capsules instead of 6.”
Katie McDermott, NJ

“Eric has shown improvements in his gross motor skills since starting speak. Eric has hypotonia and has always struggled with balance and coordination. Lately Eric seems much steadier on his feet and he is wanting to climb on everything and recently discovered he can pull himself onto our couch. I honestly cannot turn my back on him for one split second anymore, and it’s wonderful! Eric has also recently started moving both feet at a rapid pace as if he’s dancing. In addition, Eric has never waved on his own initiative before. Two weeks ago he waved on his own on two separate occasions (back-to-back days). While I haven’t seen it happen again, I know it’s in there!”
Sarah Woodruff, MI

“This has been a great supplement! My son has shown increased focus, imitation, attention, and speech.”
Kathryn Bolle, CA

“I started my son Joseph on speak 1 week ago. He takes 2 gel caps 3 times a day. I have noticed an improvement in his gross motor skills. His balance seems better and he motor plans quicker.”
Jacqueline Cinotti, NJ

“When starting speak, I stuck with the same amount of alpha & gamma E I’d previously been giving my daughter to make an ‘apples to apples’ comparison, and I saw a subtle improvement in her speech over the first few days on speak, so I can only guess that the combined E with fish oil makes the formula more stable. Or perhaps the vitamin K has helped with this.

I hadn’t yet figured out the right combination of supplements to give my daughter when speak came out. So I was relieved to have them all contained in one package, with ratios approved by a leading research physician dedicated to helping our kids. Now instead of opening 3-4 bottles, I open one package.”
Debra, CA

“Zach is talking and pointing more. I’ll step out on a limb here and say I noticed it right away, within 48 hours. He’s pointing more, naming many more objects spontaneously, even gave the dog a command. He has also played a bit more with his older sister, showed some empathy for her when she cried, and has been a bit more flexible on a couple of occasions so far. Today his OT reported that he cut with scissors independently and sat with a couple of kids for 10 minutes and watched them play.”
Cheryl Doolittle, CA

“Isaac has only been on it for a few weeks but I notice the improvements already. I really like the ease of the oil coming out of the capsule. He doesn’t mind the taste at all and takes it with no problems. He has been speaking more, trying longer sentences, and initiating more conversations.”
Angela Millman, IA