February 2017: A federal judge dismissed some of the claims in this lawsuit while allowing others – including fraud claims – to move forward. To read the full decision and learn more about the judge’s reasoning, click here.

2015: A class-action lawsuit was filed against XOOM Energy (a company that sells electricity and gas to consumers through a network of sales representatives who are paid based on commissions) for allegedly using a deceptive “bait-and-switch” scheme. The complaint claims that the company represents that consumers who switch to XOOM Energy as their energy supplier will receive a low introductory rate followed by market-based rates and savings on their bills when, according to the complaint, the XOOM rates are not competitive or related to the prevailing market rates. The lawsuit was originally filed in 2015 and amended in 2016. (Todd et al v. ACN, Inc., XOOM Energy, LLC et al, Case No. 15-cv-154, D. Md.)

For more information about other class-action lawsuits filed against energy suppliers and TINA.org’s coverage of them, click here.

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Xoom Energy Rates

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Xoom Energy Rates

In May 2018, a false advertising class-action lawsuit against Xoom Energy was transferred to federal court. The complaint, which was originally filed in state court in April 2018, alleges that…

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