In October 2018, a motion to transfer multiple class-action lawsuits, as well as one individual action, regarding the generic medication Valsartan to one court to be heard together was filed. Among other things the complaints allege that manufacturers and marketers of Valsartan represent that it is safe, of high quality, and the same as the brand name medication when, according to the plaintiffs, the medication has been contaminated with a harmful ingredient that is allegedly a carcinogen. Click on the case information below to see each class-action complaint.

The individual action is Gentry v. Solco Healthcare U.S., LLC et al. (Case No. 18-cv-4214, W. D. MO.)

Also in October, the plaintiffs in the Stimma case filed a motion to consolidate that case with three others (Duffy, Erwin, and O’Neil).

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