December 2014: After this class-action lawsuit was transferred and consolidated with another lawsuit in Hawaii in December 2013, a federal judge granted final approval of a $6.1 million settlement of the claims. According to the settlement terms, class members may receive a cash refund or a voucher to purchase eligible products. The value of the refund or voucher will depend on several factors, including the number of Truvía® products purchased by the class members. The company also agreed to make changes to the product labels and website, including the addition of an explanation of the ingredients in the product.

September 2013: A class-action lawsuit was filed against Cargill, Inc. for allegedly misleadingly labeling Truvía® Natural Sweetener. Among other things, the plaintiffs claim the company misrepresents the product as a natural sweetener primarily made from the stevia plant when, in reality, it contains both synthetic and chemically processed ingredients and only small amounts of Reb A (the stevia-derived ingredient). (Calderon et al v. Cargill, Inc. and Does 1-10, Case No. 13-cv-00685, C. D. CA.).

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