A false advertising class-action lawsuit was filed against SeaWorld for allegedly misleading the public about its care for captive orcas and hiding the detrimental effects captivity has on them. Specifically, plaintiffs claim that SeaWorld orcas, which have “significantly shorter lives” than ones in the wild, are harmed in captivity at SeaWorld because they are separated from their “tightly knit orca families” and experience complete dorsal fin collapse, a condition that is allegedly rare for orcas in the wild but “extremely common, if not universal” for orcas at SeaWorld. The lawsuit was originally filed in 2015 and amended in November 2016. (Anderson et al v. SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, Inc., Case No. 15-cv-2172, N. D. CA.)

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Seaworld’s Automatic Renewals of EZ Pay Plans

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Seaworld’s Automatic Renewals of EZ Pay Plans

April 2019: A federal judge granted final approval of the settlement agreement. June 2018: Plaintiffs moved for preliminary approval of a settlement agreement. According to its terms, class members may…

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