March 2018: A federal judge dismissed the complaint When a complaint is dismissed with prejudice, it cannot be refiled. finding that it failed to state a legally cognizable claim.

August 2017: Plaintiffs filed an amended complaint making similar allegations.

January 2017: This case was transferred to federal court. (Case No. 17-cv-18, D. NJ.)

November 2016: A class-action lawsuit was filed against Pep Boys for allegedly deceiving consumers by operating a two-tiered pricing scheme (i.e., charging in-store customers higher prices for auto parts than what is charged online). (Silver et al v. Pep Boys – Manny, Moe & Jack of Delaware, Inc. et al, Case No. MER-L-2305-16, New Jersey State Court – Mercer County)

For more information about other class-action lawsuits regarding automobiles and’s coverage of them, click here.

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