In August 2013, a federal appeals court overturned a settlement reached between Procter & Gamble and consumers who sued the company in 2010 for allegedly falsely advertising its Pampers diapers with Dry Max technology.  Plaintiffs claimed that P&G marketed the diapers as safe for babies when, in reality, they cause severe rashes, blisters, welts, bleeding, infections, and other ailments.  The settlement reached in 2011 gave the named plaintiffs $1,000 per affected child, no monetary award to the unnamed plaintiffs, and $2.73 million to the plaintiffs’ lawyers.  A few of the class members objected to the settlement as being, among other things, unfair to the unnamed plaintiffs, and the appeals court agreed, overturning the settlement agreement. (Greenberg et al. v. Proctor & Gamble Co. et al., Case No. 11-4156, U.S. Ct. of App., 6th Cir.)


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