June 2015: A state judge preliminarily approved a settlement of this class-action lawsuit. According to the settlement terms, class members may receive either a $15 refund or a $25 gift card to Nike. The settlement agreement does not require the company to change its marketing for the product. A final fairness hearing is scheduled for November 4, 2015. For more information, go to www.nikefuelbandsettlement.com.

May 2013: A class-action lawsuit was filed against Nike and Apple claiming that the ads for the Nike+ FuelBand are misleading because they claim it accurately records each calorie burned by its wearer during exercise, when, in reality the recordings are inaccurate. (Levin et al. v. Nike, Inc. and Apple, Inc., Case No. BC509363, Cal. Super. Ct. Los Angeles)


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August 2017: A federal judge granted in part and denied in part Nike’s motion to dismiss. Claims related to products sold in non-outlet stores and claims for injunctive relief were…

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