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Kern’s Fruit Beverages

In September 2018, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Stremick’s Heritage Foods for allegedly deceptively advertising its Kern’s fruit beverages as healthful, natural fruit beverages when, according to plaintiffs, they are actually artificially-flavored, sugar waters. Plaintiffs also allege that the beverages are marketed as “made with whole fruit” when, according to the complaint, the drinks contain water and high fructose corn syrup with only small amounts of fruit puree and at most 31% fruit juice. In addition, the complaint claims that the drinks are an “excellent source of vitamin C” when, according to plaintiffs, the amount of sugar in them actually blocks the absorption of vitamins. (Levin et al v. Stremick’s Heritage Foods, Case No. 18-cv-1748, C. D. CA.)

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Kern’s Nectar Fruit Drinks

Class Action

Kern’s Nectar Fruit Drinks

In May 2020, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Vilore Foods Company for allegedly falsely advertising Kern’s juices – including Guava Nectar, Apricot Nectar, and Peach Nectar – as being…

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