July 2021: Plaintiffs filed a Notice of Appeal regarding the April and June court decisions.

June 2021: The case was dismissed.

April 2021: The Court concluded that the proposed class and subclasses did not satisfy the class certification requirements.

September 2019: This case was transferred to a court in Texas. (Case No. 20-cv-2125, S.D. Tex.)

January 2018: This case was transferred to federal court. (Case No. 18-cv-116, C.D. Cal.)

October 2017:
A class-action lawsuit was filed against Ashley Black International Holdings for allegedly falsely advertising the FasciaBlaster (a massage stick with plastic claws that is supposed to provide various aesthetic benefits, including reducing cellulite and improving skin tone and muscle definition). Among other things, the complaint alleges that:

  • the FasciaBlaster does not deliver the results guaranteed in advertisements and causes physical injuries, including extreme hormonal instability, stroke, and cardiovascular problems;
  • the company claims that the FasciaBlaster is FDA approved when, according to the complaint, the device is not approved for the medical uses promoted by the company;
  • the company does not have the scientific research and clinical studies that it represents it has;
  • individuals do not have the qualifications and credentials that the company represents that they do; and
  • the company has claimed that the FasciaBlaster is safe and no woman has reported injuries when, according to the complaint, people who have used the device have reported adverse effects to the FDA and the company and on social media forums

To learn more about all of these and the other deceptive advertising allegations in the complaint, click here. (Elson et al v. Ashley Black, Ashley Black International Holdings, and ADB Interests LLC, Case No. BC680843, Superior Court of the State of California – County of Los Angeles)

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The Marketing for FasciaBlaster

Class Action

The Marketing for FasciaBlaster

Allegations: Falsely advertising the health and medical benefits of using FasciaBlaster without scientific evidence to support advertised claims

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