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July 2018: The Court of Appeal of the State of California reversed the trial court’s decision to dismiss this lawsuit. The appellate court concluded that the named plaintiff satisfied California state law’s requirements for standing by alleging that he relied on a misrepresentation when purchasing a product and he would not have purchased the product but for the misrepresentation. (Hansen et al v. Americas, Inc., Case No. B271477, Court of Appeal of the State of California)

2016: The trial court dismissed the complaint concluding that the named plaintiff did not have standing because he received the product at the price he agreed to pay and suffered no injury.

2014: A class-action lawsuit was filed against the online retailer for allegedly deceptively advertising “grossly overstated” purported savings on products – such as electronics, apparel, jewelry, and furniture – on its website by misleadingly comparing a discounted price to an “original” price. According to the plaintiffs, the original price is actually the highest price that the product has ever been sold instead of the prevailing market price or a price that has previously charged for the item. (Hansen et al v. Americas, Inc., Case No. BC566698, California State Court – Los Angeles)

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