Class Action

Cel MD Skin and Hair Loss Products

Class Action

Cel MD Skin and Hair Loss Products

September 2020: A federal judge granted the company’s motion to compel arbitration and dismissed the case.

March 2020: A class-action lawsuit was filed against the marketers of Cel MD products for allegedly falsely advertising the benefits provided by its plant stem cell hair loss and skin care products. The complaint claims that the marketers:

  • Falsely represent that the plant stem cells “help renew your skin cells, brighten and tighten your complexion and soothe dry, irritated skin,” as well as “effectively combat hair thinning and loss” when, according to plaintiffs, the plant stem cells do not provide the advertised benefits;
  • Misleadingly use “MD” in the product name to imply that the products have a medical association when, according to plaintiffs, “MD” stands for the country Moldova;
  • Falsely represent that beauty bloggers and models endorse products by photoshopping images of products onto their photos;
  • Falsely represent that photos of employees and stock photos from the internet are “customer photos;”
  • Falsely claim that products have FDA approval when, according to the plaintiffs, they do not;
  • Falsely claim to operate a human stem cell cloning facility and to have developed “super skin,” “super bacteria,” and “super biotin;”
  • Use fake timers on their website to show limited supplies and availability of discounts;
  • Fail to warn consumers that ingredients in products may cause allergic reactions and serious side effects, including burns, rashes, and hair loss; and
  • Target customers whose hair loss is due to medical issues, such as brain surgery and cancer, without knowing how the products interact with ongoing treatments.

(Berge et al v. Masanto, Altitude Ads Limited, Blooming Investments Limited, Amplify Limited et al, Case No. 20-cv-509, S.D. Cal.)

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