Market America investigated Market America, a North Carolina-based multilevel marketing company that sells a variety of different products and services, including cosmetics, dietary supplements, jewelry, household products, and internet and financial services, and found that it has used a plethora of atypical income claims to recruit distributors.


  • Sent a warning letter to company
  • Company promptly removed hundreds of deceptive claims


February 14

As part of its 2023 investigation into 100 MLM companies, notifies Market America of its findings that the company has used atypical income claims to market its business opportunity.

October 16

Market America removes the vast majority of deceptive income claims identified by

October 8 sends a warning letter to Market America notifying it of’s findings (including a sampling of more than 750 deceptive income claims made exclusively on the company’s or CEO’s own platforms) and asking that the company remedy the deceptive marketing immediately.


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Class Action


January 2020: This case was stayed pending arbitration, administratively closed, and consolidated with Market America v. Yang (Case No. 17-cv-897, M.D.N.C.). April 2019: The California case was transferred to a…

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Class Action

MarketAmerica: Pyramid Scheme Claims

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