Everest Microbial Defense

TINA.org investigated Everest Microbial Defense, a Colorado-based company that sells cleaning products, and found that it was deceptively marketing alcohol-free hand sanitizers and surface cleaners that the company claimed, without adequate substantiation, could kill the COVID-19 virus.


  • Sent warning letter to company
  • Within one day, company removed problematic claims


May 8

Everest Microbial Defense sends a follow-up letter to TINA.org.

May 1

Everest Microbial Defense responds to TINA.org and removes from its marketing claims that its products can kill the COVID-19 virus.

April 30

TINA.org sends a warning letter to Everest Microbial Defense notifying it of TINA.org’s findings and requesting that the company remedy the deceptive COVID-19 marketing immediately.


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