Beautycounter investigated Beautycounter, a California-based multilevel marketing company that sells cosmetics and skincare products, and found that it used unsubstantiated, and therefore deceptive, income claims to market the company’s business opportunity.


  • Notified company of findings
  • Filed complaint with the DSSRC
  • DSSRC issued report finding that company deceptively marketed its business opportunity


October 28

The DSSRC issues a report finding that Beautycounter has adequately addressed every claim brought to its attention. The DSSRC report also indicates that Beautycounter will be updating its 2019 Income Disclosure Statement to provide more transparency about what a potential consultant can generally expect to achieve.

July 22 files a complaint with the DSSRC urging it to investigate Beautycounter’s unsubstantiated income claims and take action.

July 13 contacts company regarding findings.


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