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Xfinity Mobile

Experiencing the "fastest mobile service" requires a Wi-Fi connection.

Comcast advertises that its Xfinity Mobile is the “fastest mobile service.” But in order to get the advertised fastest speeds, you need to be connected to Xfinity Wi-Fi, a fact that the marketing doesn’t make clear.

That’s according to the National Advertising Division, which in March found that Comcast does not adequately disclose in its Xfinity Mobile ads “the circumstances under which the ‘fastest mobile service’ claim is true.”

The self-regulatory group recommended that the company modify the claim to avoid sending the message that the benefit is available wherever Xfinity Mobile customers use their phones, when in reality if they are not within range of their home internet router, they must connect to one of Xfinity’s public Wi-Fi hotspots to experience the “fastest mobile service.”

Comcast appealed the ruling to the National Advertising Review Board, which earlier this month affirmed the NAD decision.

The NARB also upheld NAD recommendations that Comcast discontinue its “most reliable,” “highest ranked” and “best network” claims for Xfinity Mobile, and clearly and conspicuously disclose in its advertising that to be eligible to subscribe to Xfinity Mobile, Xfinity Internet is required.

Comcast again declined to comply with the decision, prompting the NARB to refer the ad claims to the FTC.

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