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Virasyl by Wellbeing

Wellbeing Inc. claimed that their supplement Virasyl was “Formulated in a medical clinic and backed by research to support the following:

  • GI Tract & Immune System
  • Nerves & Mental Clarity
  • Joint & Muscles
  • Detox & Purification”

The Council for Responsible Nutrition challenged the claims about Virasyl before the The National Advertising Division (NAD) is the advertising industry’s self-regulatory body administered by the Council of Better Business Bureaus., which investigated. Wellbeing, to back up their advertisements, “submitted several animal studies on the ingredients, but no studies that addressed the effect of humic acid and shilajit in human beings and no studies on the product itself.” NAD determined the studies were not sufficient to back up the claims, and Wellbeing agreed to modify its statements and future advertisements.

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