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NAD is scratching at this itch relief medicine.

This advertisement that features former Wheel of Fortune host Chuck Woolery for TriCalm, which is an over-the-counter itch relief medicine, seems like any other itch relief commercial. But actually it calls into question hydrocortisone, the itch cream we all know and love.

But NAD, an ad industry self-regulator board, reviewed TriCalm’s advertising and found that there was not enough support for the claim that TriCalm is “5x more effective than hydrocortisone 1% and recommended that TriCalm’s parent company, Cosmederm Bioscience, Inc. stop this claim and similar ones used in their website, television and radio ads.


TriCalm’s website points to only one study, which calls TriCalm hydrogel “significantly superior” to competitors such as hydrocortisone. But NAD said studies the company uses to back up the claims fall short. It noted in its decision that the product was not tested according to consumer-use directions and was tested on itches that were induced, as opposed to naturally occurring.

Cosmederm said in response to the challenged claims that it “respectfully disagrees with NAD’s opinion in its entirety and is deeply disappointed in the conclusions reached.” Cosmoderm is challenging NAD’s decision. As of June 25, 2015 the claims were still posted.

For more on NAD decsisions read here.

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