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Studio Guti’s ‘1,000 Poses for Photography’ (Hardcover Not Included)

Expecting a hardcover book, reader receives a link for a digital download instead.

Ad Alert

Studio Guti’s ‘1,000 Poses for Photography’ (Hardcover Not Included)

A reader said she went against her better judgment for the sake of a birthday present for her husband, who had expressed interest in the book above after, she suspected, seeing it advertised on social media.

“I said I didn’t like buying things from businesses I haven’t heard of before,” she said, referring to the online photography school, Studio Guti, which sells the book on its website for $49, “and that often there will be something disappointing about the experience. However, it was his birthday so I went ahead and ordered this product for him.”

She should have trusted her instincts. Because instead of a hardcover book like the one pictured on Studio Guti’s website, which also shows images of pages you can flip through, she received a link for a digital download. In other words, “1,000 Poses for Photography” is an e-book.

Our reader said she didn’t notice the book was categorized on the product page (under the “Add to cart” button, in an easy-to-miss location) as a “digital book.” She said she wouldn’t have paid $49 if she knew it was an e-book, which is understandable as photos can look different on paper than they do on a screen.

But “1,000 Poses for Photography” isn’t the only e-book pictured with a hardcover on the online school’s website. In fact, all of the digital books on the site have a hardcover and none cost less than $29.

The takeaway for consumers? Sometimes you have to trust your gut, but more important, always read the fine print. reached out to Studio Guti for comment. Check back for updates.

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