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SharkNinja’s NeverStick Nonstick Cookware

Does NeverStick really perform better than other nonstick cookware brands?

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SharkNinja’s NeverStick Nonstick Cookware

Context is everything. Consider the following example:

I made dinner.


Well, I attempted to make dinner but got distracted and set off the fire alarm and the fire department came and it was a whole fiasco. But it’s edible, I think.

The phrase “I made dinner” takes on an entirely different meaning when put into context.

Similarly, the National Advertising Division recently found that, when viewed in a comparative context such as above, claims that SharkNinja’s NeverStick nonstick cookware “never sticks, chips, or flakes” don’t stack up.

NAD said in a press release published today:

NAD determined that when viewed in context, claims that NeverStick cookware “never sticks” reasonably convey an unsupported superiority message that, unlike traditional non-stick cookware which rapidly loses its non-stick properties, NeverStick cookware would exhibit a greater level of resistance against sticking, chipping, and flaking.

As a result, NAD recommended that SharkNinja discontinue claims that NeverStick cookware “never sticks.”

However, NAD found that the brand name “NeverStick” on its own was not false or misleading, so long as the context in which it is used does not falsely suggest that the brand performs better than other nonstick brands.

SharkNinja said it would take NAD’s decision and recommendations into consideration for “future advertising.” As of this writing, its current advertising (i.e., the NeverStick website) features the above graphic comparing the durability of NeverStick versus a “traditional nonstick” brand.

NAD also recommended that SharkNinja discontinue claims that NeverStick has a “lifetime guarantee” given that its warranty expires after five years.

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