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RevWood Flooring: ‘Wood without Compromise’

Got wood?

Ad Alert

RevWood Flooring: ‘Wood without Compromise’

“Wood without compromise.”

We can picture Ron Swanson hearing this phrase and nodding agreeably as he sips whisky by a fire in a cabin in the woods. And then spitting out his drink when he learns that the phrase is being used to market synthetic laminate flooring.

According to an inquiry by the National Advertising Division, Mohawk markets its RevWood flooring with the slogan “wood without compromise,” despite the fact that the flooring is merely a “laminate flooring product that mimics the appearance and texture of wood.”

NAD found that in the context of Mohawk’s advertising, consumers may take away the misleading message that RevWood is wood flooring from the slogan “Wood Without Compromise.”

The self-regulatory group recommended that Mohawk stop using the slogan, as well as the tagline “the perfect wood for your home,” but did not address the non-wood product’s name, RevWood. Mohawk appealed the decision to the National Advertising Review Board. Last week, NARB backed NAD, finding, among other things, that the slogan’s use of the word “wood” is misleading because the flooring “does not have a wood wearable surface.”

Mohawk said that while it disagrees with NARB’s decision, it would discontinue use of the slogan as part of an ongoing “brand refresh.” As of today, however, the company is still claiming in a video on its website, above, that RevWood is “wood without compromise.” reached out to Mohawk and NAD for comment. Check back for updates.

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