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This TV ad for Quickinsurance123 has been airing recently, and promises breakthrough affordable health insurance regardless of pre-existing conditions. As incentive to call, Quickinsurance123 also offers a free prescription savings card.

This commercial seems suspicious for a couple of reasons. For one thing, affordable health insurance regardless of pre-existing conditions is not a breakthrough; it’s the law. For another, an 85% savings on medications with a free prescription savings card sounds very high. Prescription savings cards are a real thing, but there are often restrictions on who can use them, and they are not always accepted at all pharmacies. compared savings with different discount cards in 2012 and found average discounts to be quite a bit less than Quickinsurance123’s advertised 85%.

While some cards claim savings of up to 80%, Consumer World found the average savings to be far less for the test drugs, ranging from 11% on the AAA card to 27% on the Una Rx card. Overall, free cards offered slightly superior discounts compared to cards that cost money to obtain. No one card always offered the best savings on all the drugs checked, and savings on individual drugs vary.

If you’re looking for affordable health insurance, a good place to start your research is, or you can talk to a professional insurance broker.

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