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Power 4 Patriots

This online ad for Power 4 Patriots has all the buzzwords and formulas associated with scammy pitches: [authority groups] HATE this! Find out the one WEIRD trick that can save you thousands on your [something].

What is the one “weird” trick this time? It’s building your own solar and wind power generators on your property. That’s all. The lengthy video pitch tells you that solar and wind generators will protect you from skyrocketing energy bills, the government, and the apocalypse. Power 4 Patriots will sell you a couple of guides on building your own power generators for $30.

They’ll also sell your information to third parties, as their privacy policy notes. The privacy policy itself redirects you to another offer site, “The Patriot Privacy,” that tells you the NSA HATES this one WEIRD trick that protects your privacy. This one weird trick is also a couple of guides that cost $30.

Most one “weird” tricks prove to be extended pitches for $30 guides — those companies send you a book and then flip your information to other groups looking to make a quick buck off you. Stay away.

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