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Oreo Imposter Car Wrap Scam

Fraudsters attempt to dunk on unsuspecting consumers.

Ad Alert

Oreo Imposter Car Wrap Scam

Another day, another car wrap scam.

The latest in’s coverage of these quite prolific imposter scams comes from a reader who was contacted via text by “MONDELEZ INTERNATIONAL NABISCO CADBURY CONTINENTAL BISCUITS LIMITED.”

We’ll pay you $600 weekly for driving around with Oreo Cookies sticker on your Car/Truck/Van paint for 16 weeks or more. This will make Car/Truck/Van owners side income while driving your normal routine and it’s a marketing tool, no mileage is required. We are responsible for the removal leaving no damage on your vehicle after the advertisement period.

In order to get started, our reader was asked to “kindly provide” his full name, street address, car model, occupation, phone number and email address. But he knew better.

“I work for a vendor company and know people from Oreo and know that they don’t do this kind of promoting,” he said.

Our reader also looked up car wrap advertising online and found’s previous coverage of these scams.

How the car wrap scam works

Generally what happens in these schemes is that after signing up, participants receive a substantially larger check than initially promised. They are then instructed to pay some other, second company the difference for the needed car wrap materials.

The goal is to get you to withdraw money from your checking account after you deposit the check but before it bounces (because it’s a fake check), leaving you with a hole in your bank account. The “specialist” or “detailer” in charge of installing the decal on your car? They aren’t coming because they don’t exist.

Some companies have legitimate car wrap programs that pay consumers to shrink-wrap their car in the brand’s advertising but it is also a common scam.

So if an opportunity catches your eye, proceed with caution: Before you give up any personal information, confirm with the brand that it actually has a car wrap program.

Find more of our coverage on car wrap scams here.

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