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One A Day Multivitamin Gummies

Don't confuse this product name for the serving size.

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One A Day Multivitamin Gummies

Pop quiz! According to the label, how many days does this bottle of One A Day multivitamins last?

(A) 170

(B) 100

(C) 30

(D) 85

The correct answer is: (D) 85.

Did you think it was (A) 170? The math would seem to support that answer. The product is called One A Day and the label says the bottle contains 170 gummies.

The problem is the serving size is two gummies, not one, according to the supplement facts panel on the back of the bottle, which appears below directions to take “two gummies daily.”

So instead of 170, the servings per container is half of that – 85.

If this math is making your brain hurt, you’re not alone.

This ad alert was prompted by a tip received from a consumer. And Bayer, the maker of One A Day multivitamins, has been sued for allegedly misleading consumers on the number of servings in its gummies. While one lawsuit filed in 2017 was voluntarily dismissed, another lawsuit filed in 2022 is pending.

Meanwhile, found that the serving size for some One A Day tablets is one a day.

In response to a request for comment, a Bayer spokesperson said:

Two courts have dismissed as meritless claims regarding the dosage required for One A Day Multivitamin Gummies and a third court rejected a motion to certify a class in similar litigation, as the label clearly states that the recommended dose is two gummies. As one court held, a “reasonable consumer … would look at the entire label to see what vitamins or other nutrients were included in the formula.” Bayer encourages consumers to read the labels for vitamin products to ensure they get their intended benefits.

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