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This krill oil supplement seems to have some pretty fishy marketing tactics.

When an email subject line reads, “SHOCKING VIDEO: The Dirty Little Fish Oil Secret (and more)” you probably shouldn’t click. But here at we see a lot of spam, so we clicked. The video was titled “4 Signs You’re About to DIE of a Heart Attack” and it comes with some pretty impressive fear tactics to boot.

So there you will be: Your potentially last few moments alive you will be out of breath, sweating profusely, covered in your own vomit and in the most intense physical pain a human being can experience.

Hmm…well you got us there. We probably never want to be in that situation.

But wait, this email wasn’t from some do-gooder with a literal life-saving tip, it’s from a (drum roll please!) supplement company at The supplement is OmegaK, which is Krill oil packaged up nicely for the high price of $67 a bottle.

Omega K promises a “100% money back refund” which sounds reassuring, right? But when we reviewed the company’s return policy, we noticed it states: “IMPORTANT: Only UNOPENED STILL SEALED BOTTLES are eligible for a refund. Refunds will not be processed for opened or empty bottles.” So if you crack open a bottle of Omega K to try it, and don’t like the results you simply cannot get your money back.

Remember supplements are not regulated by the FDA and companies cannot claim to cure, prevent, or treat any disease.

Another red flag — the company has 41 complaints with the BBB, alleging return difficulties and spam emails.

So, if you really need your Krill oil…get it from your local superstore and save a lot of money.

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