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New Dawn Nutrition

FDA warns dietary supplement maker of numerous labeling issues.

The Greek god of war may soon want to wage something if he gets word of a recent FDA warning letter to the makers of a dietary supplement that uses his name.

ares black edited

New Dawn Nutrition markets “Ares Black” and other protein powders as “real products” born out of “real advice” that deliver “real results.” But there are some “real problems” associated with how this Omaha, Neb.-based business advertises some of its supplements.

The FDA product issues outlined in the warning letter dated Aug. 7 included two supplements — NDN Ares Battle Ready Pre Workout Warpath Watermelon  and NDN Ares Black Orange Overdose (pictured right) — that declared dimethylamylamine as an ingredient on the label when an FDA analysis found that the products actually contained dimethylbutylamine. This ingredient, while only a few letters different from what was declared on the label (kudos to those who can identify them in less than five seconds), has not been proven safe, the FDA warned.

The letter also pointed to three flavors of a third product, FA Prime Super Protein, that the agency said another analysis found contained less protein and more sugar than what was advertised on the label.

Lastly, the warning letter cited several quality control issues that the FDA said violated Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP), including, most notably, a lack of procedures to ensure accurate labeling.

Have at it, Ares.

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