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Lomi digs into company's broad composting claims.


Lomi claims in the ad above that its countertop composter turns not just food scraps but “product packaging and even compostable plastics” into “nutrient-rich fertilizer.” In the ad, a spoon, knife and bag are tossed in the machine, already containing egg shells and watermelon rind, and transformed into dirt.

But dug a little deeper and found that there is actually a limited number of non-food items that, according to the company, can be broken down by Lomi into usable compost. These are so-called “Lomi Approved” products.

“If you add materials that are not Lomi Approved, there is no guarantee that they will turn into dirt in Lomi,” the company says in a post on its website that lists the 104 Lomi Approved non-food compostable products, which comprise of specific products from specific brands and include bags, cutlery, cups, plates and take-out food containers.

There are also restrictions on the types of food waste that are compostable with Lomi, according to another post on the site, which notes a number of items that the company says “should never, ever go into Lomi.” The post warns, “Generally speaking, do not add liquids, oils, very hard foods, and non-organic materials to Lomi.”

So despite the company’s broad composting claims, it seems like the only things that should be going into Lomi is organic food waste and a relatively small number of non-food products. But where is that disclosed in the commercial? Nowhere.

The bottom line? If you want to save the planet, you’re going to need to do more than rely on advertisers’ environmental claims.

Of note, the FTC’s Green Guides, which provide guidance on environmental marketing claims, are under review. reached out to Lomi for comment. Check back for updates.

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