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HoldOn Trash Bags’ Environmental Claims

Company walks back composting claim following inquiry sparked by self-regulatory ad challenge.

Ad Alert

HoldOn Trash Bags’ Environmental Claims

HoldOn markets and sells trash bags that it claims are “100% compostable” and “planet-friendly.”

As of Thursday last week, an FAQ on the company’s website told consumers to use its trash bags like “a normal waste bag” and throw them in the garbage.

Now, the company doesn’t seem so sure.

The change to the website FAQ comes after reached out to the company for comment last week regarding a recent inquiry by the National Advertising Division into its environmental claims.

NAD determined that HoldOn did not provide evidence to support claims that its bags break down in “non-composting environments,” such as landfills.

NAD recommended that HoldOn either remove or modify its environmental claims to clearly and conspicuously disclose the circumstances under which its bags degrade, compost or break down, i.e., in composting environments such as a commercial facility or a backyard compost heap.

While HoldOn stated that it would comply with NAD’s decision, a review of the company’s website found several environmental claims – including “planet-friendly bags designed to disappear,” shown above – missing the disclosures recommended by NAD. noted the “planet-friendly” claim in addition to the FAQ in its request for comment to HoldOn. Following our inquiry, not only did the company make the above changes to the FAQ, it removed the “planet-friendly” claim from its website, which now states “A better way, a better bag.”

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