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Lipo-Flavonoid Plus

Ringing in the ears? Maybe you should think twice before using this supplement.


Lipo-Flavonoid Plus, a lemon bioflavonoid dietary supplement marketed by Clarion Brands, is getting called out by NAD, an industry self-regulatory body, for certain ad claims, including “that the product substantially reduces or eliminates tinnitus and the symptoms of Ménière’s Disease, a disorder of the inner ear.”

What is tinnitus? Well, we can turn to Lipo-Flavonoid Plus’ website for the answer. Simply put it is a “ringing in the ears.” The site seems to offer a lot of speculation into how its product provides relief (emphasis added):Lipo_Flavonoid

“Over the years various hypotheses have been offered to explain the patient benefits associated with Lipo-Flavonoid. Some have speculated that eriodictyol glycoside helps block histamine production in the inner ear, a likely cause of inner ear disturbances. Other authors have speculated that the lipotropic agents contained in Lipo-Flavonoid Plus may help to prevent abnormal accumulation of fatty deposits, thereby improving circulation.”

Clarion pointed to several studies when NAD asked for substantiation of the claims. But NAD did not find that the studies were sufficient:

Specifically, none of the studies were double-blind or placebo controlled and none of them elicited statistically significant results.

Clarion (better known as the makers of Anti-Monkey Butt Powder) said it would appeal NAD’s findings.

For more on dietary supplement claims, click here.

This story was updated 9/17/15. 

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