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Laser Spine Institute

The Laser Spine Institute bills itself as the “experts in outpatient, minimally invasive neck and back surgery” and claims in ads that “97% of patients state they would recommend Laser Spine Institute to a friend or family member.” The Laser Spine Institute website has hundreds of testimonials from presumably satisfied patients.

But not everyone is happy with the Laser Spine Institute. Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine investigated the company in 2011 and found that Laser Spine Institute faced 15 malpractice suits between 2009 and 2011. And “nine surgeons told Bloomberg Businessweek the company is doing surgery that is often unnecessary or inappropriate.”

CBS News reported that Hulk Hogan was suing Laser Spine Institute for malpractice, claiming in his lawsuit that the company persuaded him to undergo a “half-dozen ‘unnecessary and ineffective’ spinal operations, worsening his back problems.” Hogan also alleged Laser Spine Institute was using his image without permission in its marketing.

Consumers looking for a surgical solution for back pain should check with a range of doctors and medical experts before making any decisions. More information is always your friend. Don’t let any one place pressure you into buying a procedure without first getting all the information you can on all your options. And keep in mind that a testimonial is anecdotal evidence, and many testimonials are just a lot of anecdotal evidence.

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