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Instant 20/20

Are you a leering old man at the pool? Would you like to leer with clearer vision?

Well Instant 20/20 may be the product for you. Unless you have astigmatism, as 47% of prescription glasses wearers do. Or you want to drive while wearing your adjustable glasses.

Here’s what these glasses are: Instant 20/20 glasses are low-price, adjustable eyeglasses that are available without a prescription. The main selling point is that they are cheap. The above commercial also claims Instant 20/20 are the only adjustable glasses available, which seems odd because there are definitely other adjustable glasses on the market. There are also costlier adjustable prescription lens available.

But Instant 20/20’s non-prescription lens won’t correct for astigmatism, blurred vision caused by non-symmetry in the eyeball, a condition that affects 47% of prescription eyeglass wearers. And Instant 20/20’s fine print states that you should not use the glasses to drive, and there are special warnings for consumers in New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Minnesota.

They also look silly, though this seems to be par for the course when it comes to adjustable glasses.

So think carefully before ordering the $29.99 adjustable glasses (plus $9.99 Shipping and Handling). After all, they look silly, and thus you may not be able to stare with any such inconspicuousness.


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