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GMC AT4 Trucks and SUVs: ‘Premium and Capable’ reader flags "ultimate apples to oranges" comparison.

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GMC AT4 Trucks and SUVs: ‘Premium and Capable’

A reader recently alerted us to this GMC ad, saying it contains the “ultimate apples to oranges” comparison between vehicles designed to tackle rough terrains and those that aren’t.

Specifically, the ad shows sports cars hopelessly stuck on various terrains, including sand and mud, while GMC’s AT4 trucks and SUVs conquer the landscape, proving the point, GMC crows, that “premium” can be “capable.”

In other words, while the ad may be intended to be funny, rather than compare its off-road trucks and SUVs to other off-road trucks and SUVs, GMC compares its vehicles to sports cars that, due to their low ground clearances, aren’t meant to be driven on anything other than the road. Also, the luxury SUV category already exists.

In a request for comment, asked GMC why the ad doesn’t compare AT4 trucks and SUVs to similar off-road vehicles. Since June 2021, GMC has spent more than $24 million on two TV versions of the YouTube video, according to ad-tracking firm

Check back for updates.

Until then, keep your Lambo out of the dirt.

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