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Eversan Scoreboards

FTC inquiry ensures company now knows the score regarding Made in the USA claims.

Eversan, maker of electronic scoreboards, recently found itself behind in the count in the form of an FTC inquiry into its unqualified Made in the USA claims.

Upon review, the FTC found that certain Eversan products contain imported components, some of which are “essential to the products’ functionality,” the FTC said. (In its closing letter to the company, the FTC did not specify what these imported components are.) In order for a product’s unqualified Made in the USA claims to be legit, the FTC says that “all or virtually all” of the product must be made in the United States.

Eversan yielded to the refs on this one, assuring the FTC, among other things, that it would introduce qualified claims such as “Assembled in USA” and “Made in USA with Some Imported Parts.” On its website Eversan now discloses the use of imported parts in a description of its manufacturing practices, where previously the site had claimed, “By manufacturing scoreboards in the USA, we control the quality and consistency that ensures a durable scoreboard.”

When it comes to Made in the USA claims, it’s good to know someone is keeping score.

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