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Eggland’s Best Eggs

Don't be left with egg on your face.

“An egg is an egg is an egg,” a reader wrote to But not according to Eggland’s Best, which claims that its eggs are a notch above. Eggland’s Best eggs not only “taste better,” but are also better for you, with more nutrition and vitamins compared to “ordinary eggs,” according to the company’s commercials. Not wanting to be left with egg on our face, investigated.

Eggland’s Best notes that its eggs contain more vitamins and less saturated and total fat than ordinary eggs. But Eggland’s carbohydrates, trans fat, protein, monounsaturated fat, vitamin A and Omega-6 MGs are the same compared to an ordinary egg,

Eggland also notes that its egg compared with an “ordinary egg” has more Vitamin D and Vitamin B12, but there is no clear answer as to what constitutes “ordinary” eggs.  There are plenty of egg purveyors available on the market, and each of these eggs has different nutritional values, including one whose eggs contain 7 grams of protein per egg, which is more than Eggland’s Best eggs as well as that “ordinary egg” it compares itself to in its charts.

Eggland’s Best also claims that its all-vegetarian hen feed is one of the reasons for the superior eggs. However, competitors also claim to use a premium all-vegetarian hen feed.

The company points to its gold medal from the American Masters of Taste.

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But with this much fluffy puffery in its advertisements, consumers might be left thinking they are consuming eggs from super chickens. For more on food marketing, click here.

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